Location: West Alder Trail #798
Elevation: 10000-11200
Suggested Bait: Flies
Restrictions: Must have Colorado Fishing License to fish.
Fishing Method: Flyfishing
Seasonal Accessibility: Late Spring/Summer/Fall
Access: HorseBack, Hike, Mountain Bike, Motorcycle/Dirtbike
Driving Directions: From the city of South Fork, travel northwest on State Hwy 149 one mile until you cross the Rio Grande. Turn right on County Road 15. Travel east on 15 a little over a mile until you see a sign for Forest Road 610. Turn left and go north on 610 7 miles. From this point near a cattleguard, the trail takes off to the northwest up West Alder Creek.
Hiking Directions: The West Alder trail is 6.0 miles long. It begins at Forest Road 610 and ends at Forest Road 600. Starting at the upper trailhead, it is about 2 miles to FDR#610. The trail follows FDR#610 for .5 miles to the south and is marked by a trail post as it leaves the road. The trail follows West Alder Creek for about 3 miles where it is joined by Difficult Creek from the Northeast. This part of the trail is very rocky, narrow and is difficult due to lose rock. About .5 miles above the junction of Difficult Creek, West Alder Creek goes underground for about 300 yards and then reappears. After joining with Difficult Creek the trail goes up on the hill for a short distance and then back down to the creek, about 1 mile downstream you will enter Fish Park, a good spot for catching native trout. There are a lot of old beaver dams all along this trail and the old ponds should provide for good fishing. Cross the creek for the last time about 50 yards below the old trail markers and climb the hill to the lower trailhead. This trailhead intersects FDR#610. FDR#610 goes north back to Hanson's Mill Site or south 6.5 miles to the Alder Guard Station.
Forest Service Info::

****NOTE**** FDR#610 from 1.5 miles past the Alder Guard Station to the intersection with FDR#612 is an extremely rough 4x4 road.

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