fly hatch rio grandeSeasonal Hatch Chart for the Upper Rio Grande

An "X" signifies when a hatch takes place. Each month can have up to three X's.  The beginning, middle and end of each month are represented by their own X.  In some months, the hatch covers all three periods, other months the hatch may only occur during one of the time frames.


Insect  Jan  Feb  March  April  May  June  July  Aug  Sept  Oct  Nov  Dec
Caddis                X  X X X  X X X X     X         
Stonefly               X X  X X    X      
Green Drake                  X  X X          
BWO               X X  X          
PMD                  X  X X X          
Midge           X X  X X X  X X X  X X X  X X X  X X X  X X X  X  
Terrestrials                 X X  X X X  X X X  X    
Streamers        X X X  X X X  X X X  X X X  X X X  X X X  X X X  X X X  


General Weather Info

03 2018FallShoot B4StudioSouth Fork, Colorado

Warmest Month - July - High: 91°F, Low: 50°F
Coolest Month - January - High: 48°F, Low: 5°F

Average Monthly Temperatures:
January - High: 34°F, Low: 5°F
February - High: 40°F, Low: 11°F
March - High: 49°F, Low: 19°F
April - High: 57°F, Low: 26°F
May - High: 66°F, Low: 35°F
June - High: 75°F, Low: 42°F
July - High: 78°F, Low: 48°F
August - High: 76°F, Low: 47°F
September - High: 70°F, Low: 39°F
October - High: 61°F, Low: 29°F
November - High: 46°F, Low: 17°F
December - High: 36°F, Low: 7°F

South Fork has a moderate year round climate. However, keep in mind the following saying, if you don't like the weather in Colorado, wait 5 minutes and it will change. Summer temperatures range from 40-50° at night to 75-85° during the day, light breezes usually keep temperatures relatively mild. Precipitation is variable with an average of 15.8 inches/year, and 80 inches of snow/year. We are also blessed with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, making this an ideal area for outdoor enthusiasts.

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B4Studio Creede

Creede, Colorado

Mineral County consists of alpine valleys hemmed in by rugged peaks, some reaching over 14,000 feet. Creede, at 8,852 feet, may take a day or two of adjustment; usually just relaxing and increasing your fluid intake will help you acclimate to the altitude.

Spring: Spring is variable, as the elements decide when winter is over and summer can begin.
Summer: Mineral County has 275+ sunny days per year! Summer is bathed in warm sunshine and cool breezes with chilly nights. Average summer temperatures are 70-75 degrees during the day and drop to the 40s at night. Short afternoon rain showers can be expected from mid-June through mid-August.
Fall: Fall is a combination of bright, sunny days and crisp, chilly nights.
Winter: Winter can be cold with temperatures down to –20; however, an abundance of sunshine curbs the chill. Winter will surprise you with a 25 degree day that will have you shedding your coat, and some chilly nights that make the turtlenecks and parkas worth their while. The surrounding mountains receive heavy snowfall, but the snow is light (1-2 feet at a time) on the valley floor. Wolf Creek Pass usually has some of the heaviest snowfall in the state.

In all seasons, mountain terrain can make its own local weather, and changes can be rapid. Dress in layers, and make sure that you take along warm or protective clothing even on the nicest of days. Our weather is part of the adventure. Sunset brings an immediate drop in temperature that may require heavier clothing.

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Del Norte & Monte Vista, Colorado

The climate in Monte Vista is marked by much sunshine, light precipitation (about 5 to 7 inches), cold winters and moderate summers. Approximately 80 percent of the annual precipitation occurs between April and October, mostly in the form of light showers that develop over the mountains and move into the Valley in the afternoon.

Winter snows, which mainly occur in frequent light falls, average 25 to 35 inches per year in Monte Vista. Summer is mostly characterized by days with maximum temperatures in the mid-eighties and lows in the forties.

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