Location: Rio Grande - Coller State Wildlife Area
Elevation: 8400
Commonly Caught Species: Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout
Suggested Bait: Flies, Lures
Restrictions: Must have Colorado Fishing License to fish. Fly/Lure Only; 2 Brown trout limit, minimum 12 inches; All rainbow trout must be released
Fishing Method: Flyfishing, Float Fishing, Wading
Seasonal Accessibility: Late Spring/Summer/Fall
Access: Car (4x4 not required)
Driving Directions: From South Fork go 4.5 miles northwest on Highway 149 to the Wildlife Area. Turn off the road you will see a green metal bridge and a parking lot. Hang left before the bridge and there is a small driveway down through the cottonwoods to the river.
Non-motorized Boats Allowed

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The Coller State Wildlife Area above South Fork is a great example of management in the public interest. The water is great for for wading fly fishers who enjoy boulders and structure. There are numerous excellent access points near bridges with riverside parking areas, with different sections being suited to varying water levels and fishing styles.
Best Time to Fish: Between March and May - You’ll find some good springtime walk-wades and floats... and have the river all to yourself. It’s best to catch it now because during the summer, the Rio Grande becomes a popular destination fishery. 


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