Stream/Creek, High Mountain
Location: Ivy Creek Trail #805
Elevation: 9400-13000
Commonly Caught Species: Brook Trout
Suggested Bait: Flies
Restrictions: Must have Colorado Fishing License to fish.
Seasonal Accessibility: Late Spring/Summer/Fall
Seasonal Accessibility Notes: This site is open year around but may be physically impassable  by deep winter snows from December through May.  The access road may be closed from March 1 to March 15 for the mud season.
Access: HorseBack, Hike
Driving Directions: Directions from Creede: Travel southwest on Colorado Highway 149 for 6 miles, to the intersection of Colorado Highway 149 and Forest Road #523 (Middle Creek Road), then south on Middle Creek Road #523 for approximately 4 miles, to the intersection of Road #523 and Lime Creek Road #528. Stay to the left at the "Y" intersection and follow the Lime Creek Road #528 for approximately 3 miles to the intersection of Road #528 and Red Mountain Creek Road #526. Continue south on the Red Mountain Creek Road #526 for approximately 3 miles to the trailhead at the campground.
Hiking Directions: The Ivy Creek trail is 12 miles long. It begins at Ivy Creek Campground and ends at CDT 813. The Ivy Creek trail follows Ivy Creek for the first several miles and then switchbacks take the hiker up and out of the Ivy Creek drainage. The trail crosses Ivy Creek several times and crossing in the early spring can be dangerous in the spring due to high water. The trail leaves the campground without any hard climbing. It will cross Ivy Creek within one mile of the trailhead and continue on a very gradual climb through open parks adjacent to Ivy Creek for another 1 ½ to 2 miles. It then leaves the immediate creek bottom and climbs through spruce-fir stands before coming back to Ivy Creek. At this point, the trail crosses the creek again and then meanders along the edge of an open park for about ½ mile. The trail then enters the timber again and begins a steep mile long climb to the divide between Fisher and Ivy Creeks.
Forest Service Info::

Good camping spots are not hard to find along most of the trail.


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