Lake/Pond/Reservoir, High Mountain
Location: Crater Lake
Elevation: 12700
Commonly Caught Species: Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, Cutthroat Trout
Suggested Bait: Flies, lures, and bait where allowed
Restrictions: Must have Colorado Fishing License to fish.
Fishing Method: Flyfishing, Spin Fishing
Seasonal Accessibility: Late Spring/Summer/Fall
Access: HorseBack, Hike
Driving Directions: From South Fork, go West on Hwy 160 8 miles to Park Creek/Summitville Road. Proceed up the road approximately 15 miles where there is a “y” stay to the right taking road #380 (this is also the road to Platoro) Proceed about 3 1/2 to 4 miles on #380 you will pass the Elwood Pass jeep road on the right. Continue along until you see the Crater Lake trail marker. Follow the trail and after 3/4 of a mile you will have a canyon view (there will be some large posts sticking up near the trail), at this point you may encounter a “Y” in the trail - the right goes over the rock slide. Next you will encounter another “Y” - both trails lead to the lake, you’re almost there. When going over the divide there is a long stretch above timber line.
Forest Service Info::

Located on west side of Divide; 10 acres of water.


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