Top Spots to Catch a Fish

  1. Rio Grande - Float: Palisade to Coller
  2. Rio Grande - Float: Gold Medal Waters at South Fork
  3. Squaw Creek Trail #814
  4. South Fork - Highway Springs CG
  5. Alberta Park Reservoir
  6. Rio Grande - Float: Wagon Wheel Gap to Palisade
  7. Embargo Creek / Cathedral CG
  8. Shaw Lake
  9. Hunters Lake
  10. Big Meadows Reservoir
  11. Million Reservior

Colorado Fishing News, Interesting Articles, Tidbits & Links

Photo Spread: 3 Nights in the Weminuche


A beautiful photo essay by Scapper Blackwell that covers Squaw Creek, Squaw Lake, Ute Lakes and more!


River Journal: Rio Grande

RiverJournal Rio Grande

For its entire life as a trout stream, the Rio Grande is a throwback to a different era of fly fishing, where each moment spent angling offers more delights than the opportunity to catch a fish...


Fall Fly Fishing

fall fishing

Imagine yourself floating in a drift boat on the Rio Grande River. It is an autumn day. You cast your well-placed fly into a shaded hole near the riverbank...


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The Upper Rio Grande area offers and abundance of things to do - not just fishing! Plan a Play-and-Stay trip suitable for the whole family!

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